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This is one of my pet topics, the extension of God’s Kingdom. I am desperate to see cities and nations transformed, my deep cry is for the town got has placed me in transformed into heaven on earth.

It was God’s plan from the beginning. He created man, blessed him and commanded him to fill the earth and subdue it, his plan was for the ‘Garden of Eden’ to fill the earth. Man sinned and was driven from the Garden but God still intended for the Kingdom to fill the earth. Jesus showed the priority of this when the disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. After worship, “Our father in Heaven, hallowed be thy name”, the very first thing the disciples pray for is, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on EARTH AS IT IS HEAVEN”.

Throughout Bible times kingdoms extended by conquest, and in Psalm 105 there is a fascinating insight into the extension of God’s Kingdom.

Psalms 105:24 He increased His people greatly, And made them stronger than their enemies .

God blessed His people, when he created man we are told He blessed man and told him to be fruitful and multiply. Here we are told that as Israel came out of Egypt he multiplied them but also strengthened them making the stronger than all their enemies in the land and on the journey. At this we all cry out glory, and get excited because of the increase God gives and the strength He gives but it is always for a purpose and that purpose is beyond self.

Psalms 105:25 NKJV  He turned their heart to hate His people, To deal craftily with His servants.

What an amazing statement for the extension of the Kingdom. God makes His people stronger than their enemies and then God turns the hearts of our enemies to hate us, why, so we can have victory over His enemies and with every victory comes an extended kingdom.

I love this thought as to why God stirs the enemies of His people:

It’s not because He wants to create problems for His Church It’s because He likes to see the devil defeated by those who are made in His image, who have a relationship of love with Him by choice. We are His delegated, authority. It is His delight to have us enforce the triumph of Jesus.

The kingdom is advanced by an army made strong by their God who delights in the victory of His people.

One last thought, we win!

God makes us stronger than the enemy we are facing, so in the battle we are fighting now, we can take comfort from the fact we are only in that battle because God has prepared us and strengthened us and made us stronger than who we are up against.

I was reading through Proverbs and I read again one I’ve read many times and often quoted:

Proverbs 4:23, “Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.”

But I asked the question, “How do I keep my heart with all diligence?” The answer was simply get in the Word of God and allow the Word to penetrate deep in the heart and build faith. Here’s the point, I need to build a reservoir of faith in the wet season so when the drought comes I have great reserves of faith for breakthrough and deliverance. If on the other hand I wait for the hard times, the droughts of life to try to build a reservoir of breakthrough then the reservoir will never fill.

Pharaoh had a dream, in that dream seven years of a severe famine was destined to come, knowing that, by itself serves no purpose. It was the wisdom of Joseph that saw Egypt rise to prominence in a time of severe famine and what did Joseph suggest? In the years of plenty, in the season of abundance and blessing, in the wet season, build a reservoir od food that will sustain in the famine. What an amazingly profound and equally amazingly simple answer. Collect in the good times so there’ll be plenty to draw on in the bad.

Simple and profound but how often when things are going well we feel we don’t need God, we don’t need prayer and we don’t need the Holy Spirit’s power, God warns against complacency in Deuteronomy.

Deuteronomy 8:11-14 “Beware that you do not forget the LORD your God by not keeping His commandments, His judgments, and His statutes which I command you today, lest—when you have eaten and are full, and have built beautiful houses and dwell in them; and when your herds and your flocks multiply, and your silver and your gold are multiplied, and all that you have is multiplied; when your heart is lifted up, and you forget the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage;

It is when things are pumping that we need to build that reservoir that will carry us through the hard times.

David was bemoaning the prosperity of the wicked and says he came close to falling away, but it says he went into the Lord’s house and things turned around, or David had built a reservoir of faith around the tabernacle of God and was able to draw from it.

Build faith in the good times so you have something to draw on in the bad.

Just a Thought.

God Bless

God Will Grant Me the Desires of My Heart.

God created all the Heavens and the earth is six amazing days, at the end of the 6th day, after He created man in His own image, the “crown of His creation”, He looked down on all His work and said, “Wow, that is amazing!”, he then sat down and enjoyed all he had created.

Genesis 2 starts with the creation of a garden, known as Eden or Paradise.  At the center of that specific creation was a man named Adam.

I find it fascinating that man is both the crowning glory of God’s creation and the center of it.

With all of that said we read in Genesis 2:18:

Now the Lord God said, It is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper meet (suitable, adapted, complementary) for him.

I have a problem with this and the problem is that Adam WAS NEVER ALONE. Adam had the most amazing relationship, unhindered by sin, with God. Yet just  God and Adam alone, in God’s own words, “is not good.”

Too many people have a mindset, “I love Jesus, but I don’t have to go to church, it’s just me and Jesus” God says, “It is not good!”
Here are some reasons why it is not good for man to be alone.

God said it

I love the old saying:

God said it, I believe it and that settles it.

No debate no reasoning it away, God said it is not good to be isolated and have a mindset ‘just me and Jesus’, that should be all we need, but here are a few more reasons.

Good as you are you have weaknesses

God in his wisdom created us to need others to compliment us. Paul uses the analogy of the human body and in 1 Cor 12:17 says, “If the whole body were an eye, where would be the hearing? If the whole were hearing, where would be the smelling?” If the whole body consisted of an eye, it is a useless body and if the wholly body were an ear it is equally useless and so is the Christian who is out of fellowship.

We are called to flourish

When God created man he said be fruitful, and in Psalms we see how we become fruitful:

Those who are planted in the house of the LORD Shall flourish in the courts of our God (Psalms 92:13 NKJV).

God is into Exponential Power

It is to be noted that God is not the god of simple addition if one can defeat 1,000 then simple addition means two can beat 2,000 but look what God says:

(Leviticus 26:8 NKJV)  Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight; your enemies shall fall by the sword before you.

(Deuteronomy 32:30 NKJV)  How could one chase a thousand, And two put ten thousand to flight, Unless their Rock had sold them, And the LORD had surrendered them?

That is exponential effectiveness!

So, if God says, “It’s not Good”, guess what, it’s not good!

I cannot get this idea out of my mind. Five people came to ask Jesus to heal one of them and Jesus starts by saying, “Your sins are forgiven”, revealing the very heart of God.

God has forgiven us all we have to do is embrace it!

What the lame man NEEDED more than two good legs was for his broken relationship with God to be healed. The Bible makes it clear God delights in making available to everyone what the need.

Matthew 6:8 NKJV “Therefore do not be like them. For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.

The context is don’t pray long-winded, repetitive prayers, God knows what you need and delights to give it to you. The lame man, and his four friends for that matter, NEEDED to know and to experience God’s forgiveness. But is that all God is interested in? Giving us what we need? Parents don’t just give their kids what they need, we get great delight when we are able to bless them by giving them what they want. God, more so, delights in giving uswe WANT as well what we need.

This man NEEDED to be forgiven and WANTED to be healed. Jesus said to the snivelling religious leaders:

Mark 2:9-11 NKJV Which is easier, to say to the paralytic, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Arise, take up your bed and walk’?  (10)  But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins”—He said to the paralytic,  (11)  “I say to you, arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.”

It was easier to give the lame man what he NEEDED and to prove Jesus had the authority to forgive, He gave to the lame man what he WANTED. Jesus asked a blind man, “What do you WANT?” The blind man WANTED to see again and Jesus restored his sight.

God is not so stingy as to withhold from anyone what they NEED.

God is not so ‘tight-fisted’ as to only ever give what a person NEEDS.

God’s heart is bless beyond measure! Yo give us not only what we need but to bless us with what we want. He is the God of the ‘pressed down, shaken together and running over!’

One last thought, if all we have is what we need, how can we give to those in need? To bless we need an abundance.

Just a thought

See you in church